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young ewe lamb

Our Livestock

We have a flock of about 40 purebred registered St Croix ewes, as well as various rams (current or future herd sires). We are in the process of building 3 lines of St Croix sheep within our flock, each based on an older lineage within the breed, as part of a Conservation Breeding Program.

We sell sheep for breeding, meat, for use as animated lawn-mowers, and to train herding dogs.

In addition to our sheep, we keep a few head of Dexter cattle, and various poultry including the threatened Midget White Turkey.

Supreme Ch Ewe Award

Premier Breeder, California State Fair 2008
Primitive & American Heritage Breeds Sheep Show

Supreme Champion, 2008 Dixon Lambtown USA Open Sheep Show
also Reserve Grand Champion Ram, Reserve Champion Hair Sheep Ewe at Lambtown

Why St. Croix Sheep? They're easy to care for!

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